Healthcare Project Management Program

This self-paced program will focus primarily on the skills required to successfully initiate and manage a project with an organization’s strategic and financial objectives in mind.

By the end of this program, you will be able to manage projects and the changes it brings to an organization effectively through detailed project initiations and informed decision-making skills.

Course duration
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Recommended for nurses and other healthcare professionals who have little to no experience in project management, looking to develop the necessary skills to move into leadership positions.
Course 1: Healthcare Project Initiation
  • Module 1: Project Charter
  • Module 2: Project Selection
  • Module 3: Project Management Methodologies
  • Module 4: Agile Project Initiation
Course 2: Healthcare Project Change Management
  • Module 1: Change Management Methodologies
  • Module 2: Managing Resistance to Change
  • Module 3: Change Management Monitoring