Recovery in Mental Health

This course equips you with techniques to support clients/patients in their journey to mental health recovery through a real-world case study.

By the end of this course, you will be able to apply a recovery-oriented approach to enhance patient/client outcomes by critically evaluating interactions, creating strategies that foster recovery, and making informed recommendations that prioritize the client/patient’s goals, empowerment, and self-autonomy in their journey to recovery.

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Recommended for nurses and other healthcare professionals who have some experience in using Microsoft Excel and making graphs. Also applicable to healthcare professionals who are taking on healthcare informatics, data analytics, and reporting roles.
  • Reflect on own personal attitudes towards recovery
  • Incorporate the CHIME framework into daily practice to enhance patient/client recovery
  • Differentiate between clinical and personal recovery
  • Reframe a clinical record from the clinical perspective to one that is strengths-based, empathetic, and focused on recovery
  • Determine important skills to apply when advocating for client/patient autonomy
  • Implement strategies to combat stigma and create a more supportive environment conducive to recovery
  • Create recommendations and strategies that are strengths-based and recovery-oriented, informed by patient/client recovery goals and recovery assessments
  • Introduce patients/clients to recovery colleges as supplementary resources to traditional therapy, promoting stigma reduction and fostering holistic recovery experiences
Learners will have access to a skills coach for support during this course.
Recovery in Mental Health