Future State Development for Healthcare

This introductory course is designed to help you identify areas of improvement to your work processes to achieve an envisioned future state of excellence in your healthcare organization.

By the end of this course, you will be able to use various tools to develop an action plan documenting the suggested countermeasures and the process required to address the identified waste within the organization.

Course duration
Next start date
Nurses and other healthcare professionals who have little to no experience in project management or change management.
  • Analyze large quantities of data and multiple scenarios with unique data and information
  • Ability to complete a template and use a methodology designed to elicit responses and frame the problem or solution
  • Identify and categorize types of waste
  • Use a Countermeasures Matrix to match the waste type with the appropriate countermeasure
  • Analyze financial feasibility of the countermeasure using the Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Identify potential roadblocks to implementing the identified countermeasures and potential aids that could counter the roadblocks
  • Use the Improvement Matrix to identify an overall plan of action to implement identified countermeasures
  • Develop an action plan to document
  • How each countermeasure will be implemented
  • Who will be responsible for doing so
  • When the implementation will be completed
Technical requirements
  • Word processor (e.g. Microsoft Word)