Cybersecurity for Business

This course provides essential knowledge related to critical cybersecurity concepts and practices for any business. Course material will also touch upon the importance of developing and combining expertise in cloud and software platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

By the end of this course, you will have a good understanding of common cybersecurity concepts like security threats, preventative and responsive measures, and legal and regulatory implications.


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Recommended for professionals looking to gain essential skills related to the cybersecurity sector.
  • Module 1: Cybersecurity is a Business Risk
  • Module 2: Identifying Threats and Preventing Cyberattacks
  • Module 3: Securing Business Infrastructure
  • Module 4: Data Encryption, Monitoring, and Logging
  • Module 5: Response and Recovery After a Cybersecurity Breach
  • Module 6: Assessing Cybersecurity Risk Within Different Regulatory Environments