Adolescents and Mental Health Interventions

This course teaches you how to apply evidence-based interventions to support adolescents in various developmental stages by facilitating meaningful engagement, setting boundaries, maintaining adolescent safety, and collaborating with family in aiding recovery.

By the end of this course, you will gain practical skills in engaging with adolescent patients/clients and their families to support their recovery and develop a deeper understanding of the unique challenges and needs of this population.

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Recommended for interprofessional healthcare workforces and/or social workers who are working in mental healthcare settings.
  • Identify areas that lack meaningful engagement in scenarios with adolescent patients and staff
  • Articulate a written response of how you would converse with the patient that respects boundaries and builds rapport
  • Create a safety plan for a scenario of an adolescent patient with suicidal tendencies
  • Elucidate strategies to involve family in adolescent recovery
Learners will have access to a skills coach on Yellowdig for support during this course.
Adolescents and Mental Health Interventions