Skills Intelligence

Skills Intelligence

It’s a good day to start your Skills Intelligence journey.

It’s time to shine a light on the opportunities within your organization. We’re talking about leveraging skills intelligence so that you can make your best workforce transformation decisions. 

We work with HR and workforce innovation leaders to translate your goals into well-designed plans of action.


What is Skills Intelligence?

Skills intelligence is the secret ingredient to making better workforce transformation decisions. It’s the process of gathering data, both qualitative and quantitative, to understand gaps and opportunities within your organization, develop meaningful strategies, and amplify impact. After all, knowledge is power, and with great power, comes great responsibility. 

Our take on skills intelligence is that it should include future skill requirements, labour market data, emerging skill trends, supply and demand for various skill sets, how technology impacts and enhances skills, and everything in between. Basically, all things skills.

The goal is for you to have enough information to make strategic decisions for your workforce transformation, talent development, hiring, training, and upskilling needs. 


Our approach to Skills Intelligence.

Phase 1: Deployment and feedback

We know that tackling the skills gap isn’t a linear journey. We help you deploy the solution, addressing all areas of the employee lifecycle from pre-boarding to retention, performance development, and succession planning. This all generates data, and guess what? That feeds back into your business’ skills intelligence profile.

Phase 2: Analysis

We combine data from various sources including your organization’s unique profile to understand skill gaps, risks, and potential costs to your business.

Phase 3: Development

We work together to create a solution. This could be a plan for you to implement, it could be an opportunity to co-design and develop skills-verified courses, or we might have courses in our catalogue that will do the trick.

Bring on the insights.

Get in touch with our team for a personal consultation and see if it’s a good fit. Are you an education or industry partner? We also do consultation-based work and are constantly updating our catalogue and services.

Here’s what our partners think.

Sanaz RiahirVice President, Clinical Practice & Chief
Nursing Executive Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences

Ontario Shores' partnership with Talent has been greatly valued. We have been able to lean into each other's expertise to move our objectives forward with innovation and efficiency. The overall experience has been effective and wonderful.