Skills Hub

Skills Hub

Choose your career adventure. 

Canada has ambitious net zero goals and we need an upskilled workforce to get there.

The Skills Hub is a data-driven ecosystem for employers, job-seekers, and training providers. It leverages artificial intelligence technology to help job-seekers explore and understand the emerging in-demand skills in the energy sector, gain verified skills, and connect with employers.

Employers can choose to partner with us on the Skills Hub to access workforce data and hire directly from our diverse pool of job-ready candidates. 


What’s in it for employers?

The energy sector is expected to change and grow drastically over the next few decades. This means new roles will emerge, employees will need to upskill and reskill, and you’ll need access to a larger pool of candidates. 

Leveraging the Skills Hub will help you gain data-driven workforce insights about the shifting skills in similar roles at other companies and emerging trends. It can improve your return on investment when it comes to training and education for your existing workforce. By hiring from the Skills Hub, you can build a more diverse workforce while lowering your cost per hire.


What’s in it for members of the workforce?

Getting started is easy. When job-seekers join the Skills Hub, they will be prompted to complete a personalized profile. Once the profile is complete, the AI technology will recommend several career pathways, as well as recommended learning journeys to demonstrate job-readiness in the shortest time possible. Once the training is complete, employers can invite job-seekers to apply for roles that look like a good match.


The more skills, the better.

Are you a B2B partner interested in learning more about accessing exclusive skills data or investing in the future of the energy workforce?

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OCNI Workforce Round Table Participant

Skills gaps are a collective problem that all employers and education institutions face. We need to keep the conversations going to ensure we share information and improve our employee pipeline.

We’re just getting started. 

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Are you an education or industry partner? We also do consultation-based work and are constantly updating our catalogue and services